What to look for in a silky?? any suggestions?

Discussion in 'General breed discussions & FAQ' started by momof247371, May 13, 2009.

  1. momof247371

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    Feb 18, 2009
    I am gettin 2 pairs of silkys this weekend and i know nothing about them! what do you want to look for in them? coloring? legs? My dh wanted some and now we are gettin them , but i NEED TO BE SCHOOLED IN THEM lol...help!

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    Feb 14, 2009
    good luck! noone seems to want to teach anything about confirmation or SQ lately, I'm at a total loss so I gave up and just bought the breeds I liked from the feed store, hoping someday I'd learn enough to know what to look for in the future :p I just got a blue silkie chick FOR $3 today! Sooo cute! WORTH EVERY PENNY!
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    Are you getting them from a breeder, a show, or a hatchery? Depending on that will determine what to look for.

    Quick look over: They are not super big birds, they are bantams. The necks are not super long, though some are breeding that way. Both bearded and non-bearded is accepted, but if they are bearded you shouldn't see any wattles, and very small ones if you can see them at all on the non-bearded. Ear Lobes are Turquoise or dark, not red, Comb looks like a walnut mulberry colored.

    Closer inspection, look in the wings and tail feathers, see if there is "hard" feathers, or if they are all silkie. They need to be as soft and silkie as possible, though hard feathers are accepted, not preferred. Look at the toes, make sure there are five toes, with toenails on each one.

    Look at the silkie breeders website, start looking at their pictures, you will quickly see the differences when you see hatchery stock after looking at national winners!
  4. Here is a start: http://www.americansilkiebantamclub.com/standard.asp

    the best way is to go to poultry shows and see which ones place in the top spots. Or join a silkie breeders chat group. Lots of good information out there, and here, too. i'm not an expert, but there are experienced silkie breeders here. Give it some time and they will post.
  5. Sonoran Silkies

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    What you are looking for depends on your purpose. If you want loving, pretty pets the answer is different than if you want to breed or exhibit.

    For the first, simply find any silkie that in your eyes is beautiful and has a good personality--details are not important. If breeding or exhibition are important, then:

    Overall, look for a balanced bird--you should not easily confuse head with tail, although there are some with that large a crest.

    The more foot feathers the better; the darker the comb the better. The 5th toe should point backwards, and be well separated from the 4th. Turquoise earlobes.

    Wings held high and closed. Colour & pattern that conform to the variety standard.

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