What to send an "adopted" soldier for Christmas?


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I'm thinking of sending him a hickory farms gift pack. I'm just not sure how well the cheeses would hold up in transit.

Hickory farms offers free shipping on packages going to APO/FPO addresses.

I just can't think of anything else to send to him. He doesn't talk about himself all that much, enough for me to know his likes and dislikes.
When my then boyfriend was in Somalia I sent him Captain Crunch cereal and cans of Coke. He couldn't get either there and just craved them. Maybe ask your soldier what foods he craves?
Good idea!
Kat, that is so nice of you. At work we make a "package" and have the guys in the camp list a few things they like. I know they can get lots of things there that seem surprising. Are some of the cheeses already soft, in small containers? If so, they should be fine even if they get hot. Maybe there is a package w/o cheese? How about beef jerky or country ham? Gosh, I am always thinking about ham and eggs. I seen one soldier reading a poultry magazine while there, (pic was in a poultry mag!), I know they like magazines, but prob. not one with chickens!

I think anything you send at all will be appreciated, you are such a good heart. HenZ
Another good point! DH has lots of car and motorcycle magazines piling up - American Iron, Peterson's 4Wheel, Jeep & others. Even if he doesn't read them he could pass them along to others, right?
when our son-in-law is deployed he always appreciates good hand cream -- like the 'gardeners' use -- the sand is really rough on the soldiers --

powder -- like 'Gold Bond' --


hard candies, magazines, paperback books, 'sharpie' markers, zip-lock plastic bags --

none of these things seem very exciting to us, but they are appreciated by the soldiers --

we always tuck in a copy of the hometown newspapers --

asking what your soldier can't get over there (besides his family!) is a good way to start -- you'll have fun getting together a special package --
There is a group here that sends these kinds of packages to the troups through out the year. It started as a Christmas time thing, but so many people wanted to donate that they do it all year. Before I forget, we are not supposed to send and kind of pork product; apparently that's important - I guess because of cultural beliefs of the foreign peoples handling the mail? I don't know.

Things that were included that seem to be big hits are: food in small packages that can be put in a pocket, finger and toenail clippers and files, small packages of baby wipes (sand gets in everything in Afghanastan), small coloring books and crayons or colored pencils or markers, even little packages of dog or cat treats!

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