What to use as scratch?


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Jun 28, 2012
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Hi I wanted to get something for my hens to scratch at since they don't have much acess to free range right now, as the rainy season has started. I'm not going to use very much of it, just as a treat here and there. I don't know whether to use 'scratch feed' or if my chickens would prefer corn, oats, barley, etc. Any suggestions? Thanks
Scratch feed is a mix of grains, and my chickens really like it. Cracked corn is another option. I also pick weeds for my chickens as a treat to make up for when they don't get much free range time. Layena is a good choice.
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I think that would should be just fine. I use an organic scratch from my one feed mill, it's a custom blend done for them. I toss a couple handfuls into the girls pen each day for them to eat and find/peck and scratch lol
I buy the whole deer corn. A 40lb bag purchased at the start of winter lasts me about a year. In my opinion, whole corn is far superior to cracked corn, as oxidation causes it to lose what little nutritive value it has, as soon as it is cracked.
I make my own scratch, that way I make it in bulk. I'll get cracked corn, boss, flax and millet from the local mill and mix it all together and every few days I'll give the girls a nice treat.
The Layena Scratch Grains is a really nice product. Nicer by far than the stuff my local feed mill mixes up, but also quite a bit more expensive.

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