What To Use For A Duck Pond And How To Keep It Clean??????

Discussion in 'Ducks' started by myechostories, Jul 21, 2012.

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    Hello, i have a small pond and a small pool for my ducks. I am new to the duck world but i keep thinking ill have my husband dig a big hole with the backhoe and have this wonderful pond. But everything i read makes me think that is not neccesary. I dump the pool and pond every 2 days and refill. It takes me bout 20 mins and we are good to go. I just wanted to say im not going any bigger because this is really the easiest way i have found. Good luck.!!
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    I agree!
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    We use a kiddie pool and put a kitchen drain in it. When the stopper is removed, it drains down a pipe we attached that leads right to my veggie garden. Once it all drains, I rinse it and all the muck washes into the garden too. It does take some doing to remove the debris from the drain so it runs smoothly, but I just put on some gloves and pick out the feathers and such that clog the drain.

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