What treats, when and how much?

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    We have four chickens, two red stars that are 18 months that usually get some cracked corn every day about a handful. And our little chicks about six weeks maybe eight. Anyways my question is, what type of treats should we give them, how much of the treat? I've heard people say watermelon. but how much a slice? Do we take out the seeds? What if its to much water?(if there is such a thing.) When can we give the chicks treats? Is it okay to give them some now?
    Please let me know. Thanks!
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    My chicks get veggies or maybe a handful of scratch every few days. I don't feed corn to anyone until the dead of winter.

    For my bigger birds that are out free-ranging most days, I'll move a few flower pots, flip a couple of bricks or a bale of straw that I set out and let rot. All kinds of creepy crawlies make their home in a wet bale.
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    Apr 22, 2010
    What can I say, I have boys who are always feeding the girls. They get so much BOSS and Vegie scraps they love it. They are still laying the same

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