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we got 6 chicks from TSC last week. they came from a bin labeled "assorted red pullets". we picked out ours getting some that were very dark and some lighter ones. now they are a little over a week old and the dark ones are still dark and the lighter ones are even lighter. one, we call blondie, is very light. her new wing feathers are white!! so my question is, just what kinda chicks were in the bin? we thought they would all be RIR's. does anyone know exactly what breeds were in their bins. we really don't care what they are, just like to have some ideal.
I can't answer your question but I went to TSC yesterday & they were out of chicks but I asked the girl working there what kind of chicks did yall have. She pretty much didn't have a clue. She said about the same thing we had red ones, black ones Etc.
It will vary by store and will depend on what hatchery the chicks come from. For example I bought 6 "assorted pullets" from our local TSC last spring. Ended up with 3 Speckled Sussex, 2 RIR and a white rock. (At least I think she's a WR as she's too big for a leghorn.) I selected them by color of the chicks without any clue to as breed since no one in the store had any idea.--although I was fairly sure the 2 yellow ones were RIR's of some sort.
ha, i love feed stores... especially the old guys that work there for 20 years and are trying to sell me "white barred rocks" or the wikipedia page for ameraucana vs mutt printed and posted on the easter egger chick bin with all the TRUE ameraucana text highlighted..... for mainly selling feed and baby chicks most of em sure have no clue about the chicks....
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View My BYC PageRe: what is a tetra pinthey are from Mt Healthy hatchery and are only being sold to Tractor Supply to sale in their stores.

Here is a quote from an email when I emailed Mt Healthy about them

We are carting the tetra tints just for Tractor Supply, we do not have them listed on the website, they are a high producers of creamy brown eggs, they are white in color maybe with some darker spots on them and the adult hens will reach app 5 lbs
Thank you,
Mt Healthy Hatcheries

So they would bacically be a cross of a White Leghorn with another production breed, similar to the Austra Whites that Cackle is carrying this year that are a cross of a Black Australorp roo on White Leghorn hens

So they Could be these?..?..........I agree with the other post on what hatchery they came from....
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The tetra tints are white looking. I think the bin for red production said Rhode island, New Hampshire, and one other. Is there a red comet? I saw comet somewhere but could have been another bin.
I was told that Mt Healthy no longer supplies the chicks for TSC but Townline hatchery now does. On the sheet that said Red Pullets at mine it said possible breeds are RIR, Production Red, Red Star, Red Sex link, and New Hampshire Red
hey thanks guys and girls that helps me a lot. talking to TW (the wife), she allowed she knew what we had. with a silly girn and a little giggle she replied, "Chickens, dummy there chickens." so now I have my answer, they must be chickens lol.

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