What type of chicken is this?


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8 Years
Aug 30, 2011
Athens, GA


I am suspecting Rhode Island Red. Can anyone confirm this?
I'm no expert but i am pretty sure that isnt a rir. it looks more like a glw. at least the neck does to me. if it is a cross it is harder to tell
I just got her yesterday, saving her from a bad situation, but the few interactions she had with my flock are aggressive. I've kept her separated from them most of the day, but I want to know so that I can understand her behavior and whether or not she has a chance at fitting in with my girls.
i dont even know if that is the abreviation. i used it because as you can tell spelling isnt my best subject. i think the neck feathers look golden-laced wyndotes. or somthing like that. i hope i am right. what behaviors is she showing?

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