What type of chicken?

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Jul 15, 2013
My chicks are 6 weeks old. Two have pea combs. Does pea combs mean females?Third one definatly has a diffrent type of larger comb. Two are white with black on them. One with a larger comb is white with black markings. One with small comb has white with black marking. The third is all white with a pea comb on it. . All thioer feet are yellow. I unfortunally don't now how to display pictures . I know that would help me greatly. They are 6 weeks old and very very skittish. Trying to get them in the hen house is going to be a challange. At what age do they straw away from the mother. Right now they ignore her some during the day but they all climb in the nest at night
No, pea comb does not mean pullet. Pullets do have smaller yellower combs.
In some breeds you can see enough difference at 6 weeks to know.
where are the "black markings"? flecks here and there, or concentrated on neck and tail?
At any rate, partly because they are hatched by a broody, I'd guess they are mixed breeds.

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