What type of container do you use to call your chicks?

off-grid hen

Mar 1, 2011
Upstate NY
Right now I have a seed and crushed scratch mixture in a maxwell house coffee container with a handle. I noticed that when I shake it, they hear it and it gets their attention, but I think I'd get further with a metal container of some kind.

I'm having a hard time finding a metal one that's not too big, not too small, plus has a handle. I noticed that when when I tap the galvanized hanging feeder, it is more effective at getting their attention, but I'm looking for something portable.

What do you use to call your chicks? "Here chick chick chick" while shaking the can is not eliciting the response I'd hoped either. Maybe I should work on my pitch?
Maybe I just need more time to train them?

Does this go in the "managing your flock" section? not sure.
If my knowledge of dog training is any help (sometimes I think the chickens are smarter!) you've gotta start associating the can and call with the food before they'd get the idea to come a-runnin'. You'd have good luck in a small space, just by bringing them treats, shaking your can, saying your call (whatever you want to use) and then feeding them the treat. I unintentionally taught my girls to flip out by saying "Hi girls!" every morning when I'd let them out and have their goodies ready. Just be consistent with the call and the goodies, and they should start running at full tilt!
My chickens come running when I call out "Treats!" Only problem is that it is also what I say to get my dog to come inside. So, whenever I get the dog in I throw a handful of sunflower seeds off the deck to the chickens too.
I've been trying to train my chicks (5 weeks as well). I am not much of a yeller, so I have decided to try snapping to get them to come get their treats. We have a small yard, so they should be able to hear/see me. Do you think snapping will work?
Ours run over us when we step into their area but that due to calling "chick chick" while spoiling them with small bread chunks. Yesterday, my super skiddish roo slept against my boot while waiting for treats and then last night 2 hens jumped onto my knee while opening a bag of day old bread! Crazy Birds!
I was so thrilled at having my first chickens that I also inadvertently trained them to come at an unusual "call" for them.

I'd step out on the back porch and announce, "Chickens! I've got chickens!" in a delighted tone of voice. Every single morning. I am sure my back fence neighbors wondered, "O-KAY! Yes, you've got chickens already!!"

So they all come running to that. Sometimes all they need is to hear "Chickens!" which may sound rather formal, compared to y'alls "Chick chick chick."

I don't even shake a feed can.....

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