What type of duck is this??????


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Feb 3, 2014
About 4 or 5 weeks ago a friend called me saying that she had found two ducklings on her door step and if I would like them. I had a tragic run in with a skunk and was left with two ducks. I had the space and time for the babies. We assumed that they were mallard. i have now found out that it is very illegal to keep them, ignorance is not an excuse but I have them and now am wondering if they were not ever wild at all?? Any who please any thoughts on the breed?
Not mallards, they look like they could be black swedish or possibly some sort of cross - crosses between rouens and pekins tend to look like that. For some reason they're giving me a bit of a muscovy vibe as well - I think it's the shape of their tails. So maybe muscovy or muscovy cross as another possibility. In any case they aren't wild and you're fine to keep them :)
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Well this makes my heart so happy !!!!! And very confused on how in the world two ducks are ditched on a porch! Now it makes my so sad/mad to think someone would buy ducks and then leave them!

I am very happy to find out that Noodle and Onion are going to be with us forever

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