what type of grass stands up to chickens


10 Years
Apr 13, 2009
Hi I'm wondering if anybody out there has had success with growing a lawn that chickens will eat but not totally destroy. I put down a blend last year but they destroyed it over the winter. It's basically dirt now. HELP


10 Years
Apr 8, 2009
I think my stupid birds would even gobble up artificial turf. Last week, they ate the styrofoam planter full of seedlings I gave as treats.


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Aug 12, 2009
BuCo, KS
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My Coop
I have 6 chooks and let them free-range the entire backyard. Its a suburban lot - quite small - but I've been amazed that they have NOT torn it up. I kept chooks in the past and found them really hard on grass but this time around there are only a few places close to the house where they have scratched an area of dirt to dust bathe in - the rest looks terrific. And that's even going into Spring, when they've been free-ranging all winter and the grass hasn't grown at all. So I guess the solution is to give them enough turf that they can't eat it all.....


10 Years
Aug 19, 2009
I have UC Verde Buffalo Grass and they don't seem to be 'in' to that plant. I had birds all summer last year and they pick through it down to the bugs. Also it's a great drought tolerant choice as well. Very easy to install especially this time of the year.... will take at least 4 months to grow in since you have to plant plugs. Once the heat hits the lawn really took off. It has a really tropical feel since it is a lighter green hue to it. We also rarely if ever have fertalized it, we use a mulching mower that leaves the clippings on the lawn and we have had no problems with it. Love it! Hope that helped. I can't tell where you're at, but there would be a special variety just for your area that you'd need to get. Oh and BTW we really only mow the lawn when we have company over like once a month. It is very slow growing, just about the only time it isn't is the spring but it really only grows to about 6 inches.

http://www.ucverdebuffalograss.com/ info

http://www.toddvalleyfarms.com/UCVerdeBuffalograss.htm when we bought it we found them to be the best price (that was about 3 years ago)
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