What type of Marans are They? Can anyone tell me? Pics Attached


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Hello Everyone,
I bought some BC maran eggs off ebay and had two odd balls hatch out. One male and one female. They both have litely feathered shanks. I emailed the person that I bought them from and he said they would turn out to be either Black tailed Buff or Wheaton Sport. Im looking for input on these birds so Im attaching pics to see if anyone can help me figure out what they truely are. Im completely new to the world of Marans so I have no clue to what they really are. Are they mutts? Any help would be awsome!!!






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They are both getting very pretty. I hope some one can tell me what they are. They both hatched from very dark eggs. here is a pic of the egs they hatched from and an earlier pic of the birds.




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Yep...pop over to the Marans thread that Evonne suggested. Lots of folks over there that would be happy to give you some opinions.

Is it just my monitor because the cockeral looks like he has yellowish legs?

I was looking at old posts and found these pics. Those chicks look like Wellington chicks. Then when they are older, the look like all crossed up birds. Is there any chance they turned out to be Wellies crossed with BCM? Just wondering if you found out what they were. It is so sad when you pay big $$ and get mutts. Cause, if they are not what you paid for, they might as well be. However, we all know chickens can breed in the blink of an eye, so one tiny slip up (and who ever knows when those may happen with family around) and you can have tainted eggs for up to 3 weeks. It is one reason I think I am so reluctant to sell eggs. How can you ever be 100% sure? I hope you had better luck with your next hatch.

Lotz of Luck, HenZ

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