what type of owl is this

From the location you live in and from what I can really tell from the pics it looks like a Barred Owl, at least that is what I can figure out from my bird book. If the momma had a really yellowish bill, I would say for sure that is what you saw. Nice pics of the babies too...
Thanks for sharing
The owl in thos pics looks young and it's a little unusual to see them on the ground, especially in daylight. I think it's a Short Eared owl, but my DW thinks it's a screech owl.

Have you heard its song yet?

We have several Great Horned owls around our place.
it was not crow size the momma was prob about 24-28in tall hard to tell in that pic she was 40 yards away from us we she just keep flying from tree to tree but wouldn't leave the area i told my wife an kid she must have a nest around then we turned to head back an i see little eyes looking at me about 20ft away sure enough there were 2 babies on in the tree one on the ground it was soooooooooooo cool to see owls that close.

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