what type of tree is this?


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Dec 8, 2011
Waco texas
Hopefully someone can help me with finding what type of tree that's in the pic below. I thought it was a live oak tree, but my uncle told me it was something different. He couldn't remember the the name of it ,but said he's thinking it started with "A". All I can tell you it my goats won't touch it. I'm clearing for a fence line and toss some over to them. They just snuffed it and the looked at me like "you kidding right" then just walked off. As you can see the leafs are shinny and has some what as live oak look to them. They stay green year round. You can also see the bark on the tree (just behind my hand) fork out a great deal and is smooth, that one is about 15 feet tall and is one of the larger ones. And as you can tell in the back ground there is lots of smaller saplings in the background bunched up pretty tight. The soil is all sand (central Texas sugar sand). And having mostly post oaks in the area. There is one live oak tree in my neighbor's yard. But it's 100 feet or so. Now all the saplings are in one area of about 50th area.not sure if someone pick up a bunch of acorns and dumped over the area or what. I do have a few more scattered around but they are no more than a 100 feet or so way. Now those could have been plated buy some squirrels.
Thanks for you help

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It could well be a Holly (wild or naturalized). Grouped in clumps means it has little red berries that wild birds eat...but usually only use as "survival food" when there's not much else around.. Rake around under the trees where there's leaves/debris piled up...look for a small 1/8" diameter shrivelled up dark-ish red (or orange) berry.
Hers a few more pics.
This one is the backside of leaves


And a better one of front.


Here you can see all the sapling bunched up. Some are multiple but most are single trunks.


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