What type of waterer do you use?

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    I am currently using a several quarts large rubber bowl for water, pouring out the old water and adding fresh water with a splash of apple cider vinegar each day. However, I would like to find a waterer that would provide my 6 hens with fresh water at all times, is designed to keep dirt and poop out, and which won’t rust from the addition of the vinegar. My particular coop and run set-up doesn’t allow for hanging a waterer so this has to be something that will sit on the ground (so nipple systems are out). Do any of y’all have a chicken waterer that meets these criteria that you would recommend?

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    One of my nipple waterers is mounted outside the chicken tractor, with only the nipples inside the coop. It takes up zero space, and isn't a tripping hazard.
    Home made, only had to buy the nipples.
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    5 gallon bucket with horizontal nipples. Sitting on a cinder block. It is under the coop which also keeps the hens off. I have seen cones added to the cover to keep them off. I add a gallon a couple times per week. Rinse it out every few months. Works great.

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    I just bought an electric heated one from premier1 that I'm trying out.
    It has horizontal nipples and while I have mine hanging which works for me it could easily be set on cinder blocks or the top of a 3 gallon bucket.
    In fact the manufacturer's information actually states that it can be set on top of a 3-gallon bucket as a recommended alternative to hanging.
    I love my plastic trough style 5-gallon waterer that I use in the summertime.
    But it does get poop and occasional pine shavings or feed into it and it's not as clean as a nipple waterer.
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    The horizontal nipples on a bucket can sit on the ground or on a cinder block easy, but you do not want to use ACV with them. ACV can damage the metal over time.
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    I have one like this (only much larger capacity -- 7 gallons, I think, and there are even larger capacity models). But you have to consider how heavy they are filled if you'll have to lift them. It sits on a cinderblock so the trough is about neck-high for my birds. I think it's the one my girls use most. I have to tip out the trough periodically when the water gets dirty but I only have to wash out and refill the reservoir every 2-3 weeks.


    I have one like this. I rarely have to refill it. It's not a fav for my chickens but it's great back up when we hit triple digits for a week or two at a time. Mine hangs but you could probably fashion some sort of stand.


    Then I have several of these around the perimeter. (Mine have cups with little push treadle thingies to deliver the water instead of the nipples.) They're great because they can be filled from a garden hose outside the run. And that's good because they only hold a liter of water. That low capacity makes them relatively lightweight so they can hang directly on the hardware cloth. I have these positioned lower for the 6-8 week old chicks. All the hens continue to use them. I'm refilling these every couple days.


    All of them keep at least the reserved water supply clean. I sometimes have to hose poo out of the cups on the last type because I positioned one of the too close to a roost. You could put vinegar and/or garlic in any of them.

    Because I'm in SoCal freezing is never an issue but heat -- and it can be serious heat -- is so I keep them filled and have them all over the place. There is probably 10-13 gallons of water available at any time for my 7 birds.

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    @blackdog043 does this look familiar? This is what i have switched over to recently and is really working well. I have an inside setup and an outside setup.
    Here is the inside setup: I put a plug on the top so I could use it as a fill port but with 12 chickens I have not had to use the fill port. I just change the water and will now be stretching it to 2weeks. I drilled a hole in the plug to run the wire for the heater. I have the glove over the top of the plug to minimize any possible dust making it's way down the small hole into the water.
    Outside setup is similar but I did not want any holes on top so rain water/debris wouldn't make it's way in. I drilled a hole and used a gromet on the side to run the cord for the heater:
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