What type of Wood for exterior walls?


5 Years
Apr 2, 2014
Northeast GA
I want to enclose the kennel on 3 sides. However, I have ZERO carpentry experience. The kennel is 5' x 5' x 4'

What type of wood do you use for exterior walls? I don't mind if I have to weather-treat it, just need it to not disintegrate the first time we get rain.

I'm having a heck of a time figuring out the right materials.
If cost were no object, Hardie Board would be excellent. It is made of concrete, and will last practically forever. Next would be traditional siding such as T1-11. Next would be exterior plywood. All will need to be painted. OSB covered with vinyl siding would be durable as well. Considering that this is a chicken coop might temper this thought to something cheap. After all, how long does it need to last?

Thank you Chris. It's a temporary coop for the chicks. We will be building a larger coop around the end of summer when they are bigger for all 6 hens to be in.

I want the chicks to be able to grow up in a coop safely until everyone can be together. By the time these girls are around 6 months old (they'll be 6 weeks on Monday), we'll be making the supersized coop. They'll have all that time to investigate and slowly integrate free-range time for everyone together. It'll decrease the introduction drama (I hope) and they can live like chickens should:)

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