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15 Years
Aug 9, 2008
What is the name of the chickent that is small white and black spelked in a way. I got 4 eggs from that type of chicken and i forgot the name of it. The eggs by the way are small not the size of a chicken egg you would find at the store.
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That puts a lot of chickens to mind.

Silver Spangled Hamburgs
Mottled Javas
Mottled Cochins
Mottled Japanese Bantams
And a bunch more I can't think of right now.

Perhaps you should visit Feathersite and see if you see a picture that matches the birds you are trying to remember.

Thanks alot, well i looked at the ones you told me, its none of them.

i know its a small chicken not big like a normal sized chicken and they lay real small eggs. OH well i'll check out the site.

here is a pic of the egg, the light tan one is the egg the dark brown one is just a plane egg not a large egg just a normal sized one i guess you can say.

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That looks ALOT like it, im sure that is it. Thanks
, well i'll find out any way when they hatch
i at least got 2 out of 4 eggs good from that chicken at moment

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