What was it?? ((duck at the park))


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Jul 14, 2009
The Beautiful Pacific NW ,WA
Among all the birds at the park yesterday, i saw the oddest little duck, i couldnt for the life of me think what she was...

she was:

-Constantly Diving (nearly non-stop!)
-Had a short, odd-shaped beak, it met high on the face, Like a tiny goose beak!!!

most the birds were mallards(VERY friendly too!) and domestic mixes people had left. there was also a wood duck hen, she was beyond cute! BUT i know i've seen this kind of duck before!! i just cant put a name to it.

I cant find pictures anywhere.....any help?
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I wish i would have got one!
...it was so odd, it was under water more than above & stayed far far away.

this is the closest thing i could find..i think this is an Austrailian Wood Duck? BUT this duck was jet black, no 'hair-do'. the woody hen was also black but had the fancy head, her beak looked different.

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Time to get out the cat food and dog carrier

Well It sure does sound exotic. Even though the woodies are very pretty - ive just never been a fan of them or some of the "rare" expensive ducks

My home grown mutts have always suited me
I wish i had a pond like that around here. I mean the retirement home around here has a bunch of ducks ( too many in my opinion ) but I dont live in that area anymore.

I can see you when you get old, out there at the retirement community with a dog carrier and some bread or corn, trying to lure the ducks in, lol.
Retirement community? really ? Me? nah ah. Thats what I will ( hopefully ) have grand kids for

" Maggie, would you be a dear and go get grandma that purdy blue duck in the neighbors pond? It would make my dear old heart so happy"


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