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    Not sure what I was thinkin when I built this, and its not quite finished either. I need to do a few things to it, and it needs some perches too.
    I can only use this inside here in winter, and possibly outdoors from spring to fall.
    I have another coop started, a Friend at work is building it, inside a nice heated shop with all commercial tools, it will be an all weather type designed for about 8 bantam birds.
    Oh well maybe can find other uses for this coop/cage/pen, or will sell it......RR
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  2. coolcanoechic

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    If you can use it in your garage, it would make a nice place for sick or injured birds. Also a good broody pen if that is a consideration. A nice addition to have available when needed. Nice build!
  3. Yah, it will come in handy for something, could possibly house 2 layer hens in there for summer....
  4. LaPetiteFarmer

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    Feb 9, 2012
    Vista, CA
    I will use it as an emergency/ clinic coop. Nice job though... really cute [​IMG]
  5. chicken pickin

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    Mar 3, 2012
    That did come out really well. Good Job on that. There are quite a few things you could do with that.
    1. If you use it as a year round coop you can buy plexiglass from homedepot and cut it to fit your windows and doors and screw it over the wire(thats what I did on my most recent coop).
    2. As mentioned a good broody pen. If you hatch babies out its a great way to keep mama and babies seperate until the chicks are a little bigger.
    3. Also as mentioned a emergency/sick/injured coop to house anyone that needs fixing
    4. Quarentine for any new birds
    5. Brooder for new chicks

    Its really cute !!![​IMG]
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  6. Yes, there are ways to make it cold weather proof, such as plexi over the front wire, as well as all the other suggestions.
    I may be using it inside my large garage, to house my new Bantams for upwards of 1-2 months, it is quite warm in there as compared to outdoors, especially if I turn on the heat.
    I also could sell it, 2 folks want to buy it already, but are offering me $100, not sure what I will do yet...
  7. Anybody have an idea, whether I should put perches, and a nest box in this cage? What size should they be, and where would a roost be best in this cage?...thanx RR
  8. coolcanoechic

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    If you are going to have laying hens in there, then you should add a nesting box. A covered kitty litter box would work well, and you can move it around to see which way works best.
    A roost will make the girls feel safer when they are sleeping at night. It should be higher than the nesting box, but not so high they can't get up. A 2 by 4 turned on it's side works well.

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