What we got lol

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8 Years
May 18, 2011
Dixon Missouri
Well we got our chicks that we are going to start with

4 RIR Pullets
4 New Hampshire Red Pullets

I almost bought 4 California Leg Horns but decided I'd rather wait and buy a couple of full grown hens in about a week.

Kids just fell in love with the chicks. The boy I think is really going to get into it. The girl on the other hand had a chick poop in her hand and it don't go so well lol.

Okay off to get the brooder running

Also the guy we got them from said Pullet meant they were all hens I'm hoping he is right? Please tell me he is.
I raise new hampshire reds myself and they are a wonderful breed. But yes, a pullet is a young female chicken. Have fun!

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