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Read up, kiddos...
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Thank you, Redhen! It's very useful information, and I do indeed forget some of the things on there.
My own observations from my 10 year high school reunion-

-The uber popular kids peaked in high school. The most interesting people at the reunion had been quiet, individualistic kids who didn't really fit in with the mainstream crowd. They had enough individuality and self-confidence to be themselves. Most had gone on to fascinating careers. The "cool" kids weren't that cool as adults.

- People will remember you when you are nice to them. They will also remember if you were snotty to them.
I was a quiet kid in HS. Did my own thing and thought I had pretty much flown under the radar all four years. I was academically inclined, so I mostly took classes with the same set of 25-30 kids. There were 500 in my graduating class. I was shocked at that reunion by who remembered me by name. They were all people that I had been kind to along the way. I had no idea at the time that I was making a difference in someone's life just by being nice to them. Kindness counts more than coolness.

- The nerds in high school turned into the best adults.
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Oh wow, thanks for posting that. Pretty cool. I am one of the only nerds in school (there's a group of us, outcasts from grade 12, grade 11, 10, 8...) and we're practically the only people with ambitions that extend beyond having 1,000+ friends on Facebook.
I don't even use Facebook.
And even if it is $10 a month and the interest isn't all that great, start an IRA or some type of savings retirement plan that you can't get into without lots of thought and penalties.
Oooo, good one, Terri.
I give a college workshop titled "12 Things you Need to Know Before You Graduate". One part is financial and I do a bit on retirement planning. According to the last bit of data I pulled if you put $500 in a Roth IRA at age 25 it would equal $15,700 if withdrawn at age 65 (that is with no additional contributions and at 9% interest.). If you wait until age 70 to pull proceeds the total comes to around $21,000. If you wait until age 40 to do the same it would only equal $4,300.
I imagine the payout would be exponentially greater if started 7 years earlier.

Wish someone had told me that when I was 18.
I was tormented in elementary, placed in an alternative type schooling in jr, and ignored for the most part in high school but I thrived in college. By my car accident I had done all sorts of things, experienced so much, traveled, met all sorts of people and cultures, learned so much about other belief systems, tried new types of things.

I just wish I could have kept on. I've met some people I went to school with that were the super popular type and I see a lot of, no college, lots of kids, no life, dead end jobs, or just completely vanilla and uninteresting.

some have gone on to do fascinating things though.

Now there is nothing wrong with living a calm life with a big family and so on. I intend on doing that eventually. (i'm 28 and people tell me I need to get working on that soon)

I'm just saying I think my rough childhood toughened me up, made me more likely to go against the grain, question the status quo, have more compassion, and generally be more open to other ideas and cultures as well as be unafraid to walk along side the sort of people others are nervous of.

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