What went wrong?


Jun 26, 2018
Hey everyone.
I set 9 eggs under my broody hen.
So far 7 have hatched.
5 seem healthy & okay.
I found one dead this morning, it seems like at some point during night it left the nest and chilled & died.
The 7th chick made it out of the shell but failed to thrive, when I examined the chick it had a hole in it's abdomen with intestines exposed.
I'm wondering if anyone can postulate what happened with that chick so I can try and make sure it doesn't happen again.
Oh! And the chick that died after hatching.. there's blood in the nest as well as on the remaining 2 eggs.
Will this contaminate/damage the last 2. I'm not hopeful that they'll hatch as they're 2 days late but I'd like to give them a chance if there is any.

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