What white rock cross should I allow my hen to sit?

Discussion in 'General breed discussions & FAQ' started by BCMominMD, Jun 29, 2010.

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    I have a broody hen who is driving me crazy. I finally decided to give her some eggs to hatch. My rooster is a white rock. The eggs that I've been giving her are EE eggs (blue). What are the chances that the chicks will end up laying blue/green eggs? I also have welsummers who lay lovely dark brown eggs. Would a white rock/welsummer cross give a dark brown egg layer? Or maybe I should just purchase some eggs on-line and give them to her to hatch.
    Any advise? I really love the colored eggs - they practically sell themselves. I have not been happy with the Ameraucana hen - she is hysterical most of the time, now broody and before that laying yolkless eggs. My white rock hen just finished hatching out runner ducks and I don't think she is laying yet.
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    I say you would be better with the white rock welsummer cross. Your EE have one blue egg gene and one brown egg gene then those chicks from the cross would most be green and brown egg layers, If it has two blue egg genes then it would have blue and green laying chicks. You never know. But I would use the welsummer/rock eggs.

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