What will the ducks like better?


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Mar 23, 2012
So I guess I am going to use the Purina Flock Raiser becasue it is about my only option. The protein is 20%. According to Metzer's website for the age of my ducks I should be at about 14.5% protein.

Which of these do you think the ducks will like the most in order to cut the protein.

Wheat, Hard 13.5
Wheat, Soft 10.8
Barley 11.5
Milo-Sorghum 11.0
Oats 11.0
Triticale 12.5
Millet, Pearl 12.0
Alfalfa Pellets 15.0​
Another vote for rolled oats. A 50lb bag is $12 where I live. Very cost efficient and my ducks love it.
So I need to add something to the food? I'm feeding mine the Purina flock raiser also. I didn't even look on the bag actually because I have seen it recommended on here a lot if none of the other more costly feed is available. So how much oats would you add to a fifty pound bag of food? So I know this is going to sound dumb but can you get rolled oats at the grocery store? TSC is around an hour away and I have over half a 50 pound bag of feed left.
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