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Sep 28, 2018
Hi! I'm new to the flock as of this week. I have a question about something that happened last week to see if anyone has any ideas. Let my flock out in the morning and all was good. Took my hubby to the dentist so we were gone about two hours. Came home and was loading some wood into our boiler. I noticed a clump of feathers, no bird...just feathers. Walked a ways further and found another clump that was one of my roosters. I picked up a tail feather and squeezed it and fresh blood came out so I knew that whatever happened had just happened. I found 2 more clumps of feathers but no birds. I then noticed that it was dead silent...none of my flock running around making their usual noises. I found most of my chickens in the barn perched way at the top rafters and my goose and 2 ducks huddled in the corner. I have noticed two more birds missing but no sign whatsoever of them. My turkey was missing but I found him in our neighbors pasture. He is okay, was very upset and has a bit of bum leg probably from running away. We have had stray dogs show up before and kill birds but always just killed for sport and left the bodies. I didn't find a single body. There was a total of 6 birds gone in 2 hours. Any ideas on what would do this?
Look locally for a hunter that targets varmints. He can set up and call in what ever got your birds if it/they are still in the area. Lots of predators are too smart for less than a professional trapper to eliminate now a days. Chances are better than even that they are still in the area and will be back for more of you flock. Good luck
Coyote, fox, bobcat - all possibilities, and all will hunt during the day. Be on high alert as they/it will return.
If you have or can borrow a game camera, set it up and see if you can get a picture. Might help ID whatever it is. When they successfully hunt, they come back.

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