what would ss x amer roo look like?


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Oct 24, 2011
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i have a favorite hen, but have not been able to get a chick from her. mostly it is because she is often broody when i'm breeding!

well, looks like my other broody may have hatched out one of her babies! i would be so tickled.

mom is a speckled sussex. dad is a colorful amer. (mom is my only mahogany hen)

chick was chipmunk striped and now he is mahogany with a red-brown head. i could swear there were some speckles on the edges of his juvenile plumage, but none now really.

is this how amer x ss roo would look/develop?
I wanted you to get at least one reply to your post, though all I have to offer is that Easter Eggers are very mixed genetically so it is near impossible to predict what chicks he will throw.

Have you hatched his chicks before? What does he tend to pass along if so?

For what it's worth, speckles and spangles tend to show up (albiet incompletely) in a first generation crossing.
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