What would this egg be classified?


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Jan 30, 2009
Gilbert, AZ
I went to collect eggs today and found one that was huge. I have 6 barred rocks and 6 red sex link hens. I weighed the egg on a digital scale and it weighed a whopping 3.37 ounces/95.5 grams. Has anyone had an egg this size. My only thought was "OUCH" for the poor girl who layed it. My girls are now 7 months old in case you were wondering. I am not sure which one was the layer. We have gotten a triple yolker before when they were starting out laying. I am really curious what is inside the egg at this point, just need to take before pics before I use it. I am getting on average 10 eggs a day.
double yolker for sure....those happen frequently when hens are just starting to lay....takes their bodies a while to regulate the egg forming/laying thing.....I got one today....
super jumbo???? More than I think 73grams is Jumbo....

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