What would you do with this pvc table?


8 Years
Oct 7, 2014
The place my dad works at usually gives him furniture and other things that get replaced. He recently got the bottom of, what I believe is, a pvc table. What would you do with it?

Photo Editor-20181126_140633.jpg

Photo Editor-20181126_140649.jpg

Photo Editor-20181126_140740.jpg
Looks like a roost or a chicken playground to me. Additional PVC can be added to the 4 legs to raise it if needed. Or turn it so that a short end is on the ground. That would make a taller roost. It would need to be secured so that it doesn't tip over.
If it were mine I would stick the 4 legs into cinder blocks for stability and get some of that outdoor carpet like stuff and wrap the top parts and let them use it as a big outdoor playground/perches. I imagine the PVC pipe would be slick but if you covered it with that carpet it would give them some grip. Just my 2 cents, you'll have to let us know what you end up doing! Looks like a fun project :)
I would to many things with it, hold cages... stick it in a big coop as a roosting bar... stick out in the yard where chickens like to roost in the late afternoon, take it apart and use it for parts (if I needed parts)... store straw on it. enter it into a art contest where weird rich people pretend to like ugly things because it advances them in high class low morality social circles.
Cut it in half, set the two halves on blocks with the two cut pipes on each sticking up, install horizontal nipples on the horizontal pipes and fill the vertical pipes with water until full. Two PVC end caps for the vertical pipes would be good. Voila. Two decent waterers.

First though see if you can take off one of the caps and fill with water to see how water tight it is. If not you may be able to seal the seems with PVC glue or silicone caulk.
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