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  1. LizStreithorst

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    Dec 25, 2016
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    If I'm posting this in the wrong place please move it.

    I've ordered from Murray McMurray twice Both times I ordered Light Brahmas. Both times the fish arrived healthy and vibrant. The first time they grew into hens that mirrored the breed standard. This time they grew into hens with black feathers all over them as though they were a cross between light and dark.

    I love Light Brahmas. I love black and white and I love the temperament of the hens. It is of great importance that the chicks be sexed because although I can kill an unwanted cock I prefer not to. McMurry sexes them and they get it right!

    I called the hatchery and spoke to a lady and told her what my hens looked like and asked if they were aware of this and if the problem had been resolved since I really want to buy more this year. The answer she gave me wasn't terribly satisfying. "She said that once in a while that just happens."
    Well...it happened with all 14 or mind and I was poking around the web and found another guy with the exact same complaint. It's not like this was a one off trick of bad genes getting together.
    I am torn. If I order from McMurray again I might get half Delaware's and half Light Brahmas. I don't think that I'll like the temperaments of the Delaware's, but you never know.

    Is there another good hatchery that sexes the chicks at day old and sells good Light Brahmas? Please advise.
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    I would do a google search. You can also consider looking for local breeders in your area using Craigslist, Kijiji, and Facebook.
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  4. LizStreithorst

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    Thank you both. I'm going to give Cackle a try.

    When you have to buy a young animal or 12 without seeing the parents you just have to hope for the best.

    I live in the sticks but there are no breeders of purebred chickens in my area who I'm aware of.

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