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    I had a lovely quail aviary until a mink got in and devastated my flock, leaving only a small number who had to be rehomed in a temporary run and are now in a nice new coop indoors for the winter. They'll be back out in their aviary in spring when it's predator proofed. We got the mink we're glad to say, but know there could be more.

    Anyway. The remaining birds are 4 Coturnix hens, 1 Californian cock (who is absolutely beautiful) and 1 Chinese painted cock. A very random mix, I know!

    One of my hens was pecked badly while I was on holiday, and the person looking after them separated her. She's healing well and is left with the others for a few hours a day, with places to hide, to integrate her back into the flock. However, she gets chased by the two cocks. Pecking has stopped and her skin is growing back, but she's nervous.

    She is feeding well and is even laying an egg a day, along with the others. So I'm in two minds as to how to deal with this. I don't want her to be separated forever. But I am planning another hatch in the next month (with eggs from elsewhere) so wonder if she'll find it easier to integrate when we introduce a whole new batch?

    Also, any ideas where I can get Californian eggs at this time of year? There seem to be very few sellers.

    Thanks, Cristina

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    If these were my birds, and this particular bird kept getting picked on by multiple birds, then I would find another bird or birds that will get along with her and keep them in their own quarters..

    If there is only one bully starting or doing this bullying, then I would remove him permanently.

    One of these situations should work. If they all failed, then if she was tame enough, I would make a house pet out of her until I could find her a mate/mates, or maybe just keep her as a house pet.

    As for finding eggs, it is tough this time of year to find quail eggs. Most birds are out of season. You might find them on ebay or such places, however be very careful of these sources. Generally these types of eggs turn out to be low budget and don't yield much.

    Good luck!

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