What you feed your chicken /allergies

Payton Payne

Aug 11, 2020
If you feed your chicken nuts you need to disclose that. I bought farm eggs and had a terrible reaction. I thought I developed an allergy to eggs I went to the doctor and was tested... not allergic . Didn’t make sence ... so I thought must be something else. Kept eating the eggs and was covered in hives. Later found out the chickens had been fed nuts. I have a severe but allergy. The palms of my hands looked like burnt skin.
That's an important warning! Thanks for making us aware.

I've never fed my chickens nuts. Now I'll be sure I never do. ...even tho I don't raise enough hens to have the eggs move beyond a very small circle of close family and friends.

I hope the admins will raise this entry to front page, top of the page status so the most possible people will read it.

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