What's a good price to sell muscovy meat for?


8 Years
May 26, 2011
I have 6 'scovies from about 12-15 lbs. They are about 11 weeks old. They are getting really big and I'm planning on butchering them and selling the meat to some of my neighbors who have asked about them. How much would be a good price? Also when should I butcher them so I don't have to deal with pin feathers?
what state are you in? around here they sell for 12-15 unbutchered butchered 15-20. some people just do butchering here they charge 8.00 a bird to butcher if you bring to them live. not sure on the pin feathers. you should ask that in the meat bird etc. they would know better.
Do check your local/state rules on home butchering of livestock. Most places it seems you can butcher and sell from your house to individuals a small number of home raised poultry, but it's better to know that you're breaking the rule before you break the rule, I think.

Also - remember that salmonella is a concern for all poultry, and e coli a concern for all meat. Warn your neighbors to cook the birds right, and work through, in your head, what you're going to do if one of the family members gets bad sick and goes to the hospital and someone tries to blame it on the bird you sold them. I know, I know, not likely to happen, but neighbors can turn mean if a kid is in the hospital on dialysis and the doc says it was something they ate.

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