Whats a good wormer?

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    I have 11 hens I need to worm and was wondering where I would get it and what types are out there? Is there something I can put in the feed? or water bowl? They seems they have loose stool and I have never wormed them. I have only had them for about three or so weeks. Before that I got a straight run of 6 RIR's and ALL turned out to be roo's so I got these girls instead. They are about 9 months old.
    Thanks in advance!
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    Have you seen worms? What kind are they? Do not just use any wormer. They are sort of specific. Any thing could be causing the diarrhea. New food, bad food or even too many snacks. Also cocci can cause it. Its best to know what you are going to be fighting. Jean
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    Quote:They are EE's and black sex links. I have not seen the worms. How would you treat coccidia? I only feed them layer pellets and scratch and throw some oyster shells in the layer feed. When I have some left over's they might get that but not recently.
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    Take some poo you suspect to be contaminated to your vet and ask them to do a "float test". After that, they should be able to tell you what kind of worms (if any) to treat for, then you'll know which wormer to use.

    Good luck!
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    I think it's pretty common for first time chicken owners to notice cecal poo and think it's diarrhea - I know I did at first.
    Here's a web page with pics of the different chicken poos, maybe it'll help you decide if what you're noticing is indeed cecal poo (which is totally normal):

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    Quote:Exactly. The test will even till you if they have cocci so you don't have to drug them up for no reason!

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