What's going on with my Australorp???

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    We have a 6-7 month old Australorp hen that has been acting very strange. For the last week it's like she's afraid of all the other chickens. When she's in the general population, she will stay in the barn and if anyone comes near her she will either stand completely still, not eating or drinking or lay down and curl her legs up like in a fetal position. If she's by herself, she acts totally normal, eating and drinking fine. At night we've been keeping her in the dog crate and it's like she loves it in there!! [​IMG] She kinda reminds me of my sister's fainting goat she had years ago!

    Everyone else is fine. Any ideas?
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    she lays down, or squats down? How long does she stay in the position? she won't eat or drink if anyone is near here, but if she is alone she will eat and drink just fine?
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    Quote:She lays down. She stays that way til she's picked up and put back in the dog kennel. Correct, she won't eat or drink when anyone is near her but she will if she's in the dog kennel

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