Whats going on with my chicken?

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    Nov 16, 2016
    Anybody you ask people will say this chicken i have is a hen, but it shows some of what i think is rooster behavior (first time chicken owner) It walks and carries itself the way a rooster, but that is not the only thing whenever i go up to close the coop at night i usually pet my hens but if i come near a hen by this chicken it bites me and wont stop till i leave the girls alone. also when they are out free ranging it for the most part does its own thing it does not go by any other chicken most of the day. Is this just a late blooming roo or mabe a sick hen? its about 3 months old

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    Posting pictures would help. Most chicks can be sexed by sight by 2-3 months of age. Is it's comb big and pink or smaller and orange? Handling and taming chicks can sometimes lead to chickens who want to dominate their human and they will try to bite you. It could just be a dominant pullet, or it could be a rooster. Post some photos when you can, so people can help you out.
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    At 3 months your female chickens are called pullets(not hens until one year of age)...
    ...and your male, if he is one, is called a cockerel.

    Could be you have a cockerel or an assertive pullet,
    or just a chicken doing what prey animals do.
    Chickens peck their keepers for many different reasons,
    approaching them at night puts their defenses up and many will peck in reaction to that.

    Most breeds you can tell a male by 5-6 weeks of age by it's redder, and maybe bigger, combs and wattles.
    Posting pics in the 'what gender is this' forum will get you an answer pretty quickly.

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