What's going on with my duck?

Try not to do too many meds as I'm convinced that too many meds given to my precious girl caused her sudden death. What are the symptoms?
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When mine gets a blockage she dunks her whole head in and makes herself sneeze then it clears. My Aylesbury was always panting and the vet said she was fine.
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Panting is done when they are hot. My birds dunk and sneezes to clear out their sinuses but not have I seen her do it in days since the issue. Symptoms are best described by watching the video
She also swings her head back and forth fast as if she's trying to shake it out. I haven't needed antibiotics for my ducks. So this was her first time getting antibiotics in 5 years
Benedryl also isn't an antibiotic, it's an allergy med. My birds will get this when sneezing and they'll stop. My duck isn't sneezing tho. Her nose was clogged at one point and I had to pin her down to get the garden gunk out of her nose which was mixed with dirt.
@TherryChicken have you felt down her neck or looked down her throat for something stuck.. Is she drinking water? Can she get into the pool? most of the time mine will get into the pool and really get their heads in there and clean everything out. ACV in water 2 Tab per gallon?
I've tried looking down her throat and dissent see anything but then again she kept putting her tongue in the way. Is the ACV OK for the ducklings too? I have benedryl in there n seems a little better but not much. She has a 10 gallon (I believe) bucket that's tall where she can get her head in even a wide bucket for her to get into and bathe.
Just checked her throat good and found nothing but a little slime..??? Felt her throat n seemed normal
Yes it's okay for the ducklings to drink the ACV water. I wouldn't use the Benedryl at the same time in the same bucket though

Have you listened to her chest hear any thing abnormal ? If you don't see any improvement with the ACV you might want to put her on an antibiotic you'll have to put the bucket up so the ducklings can't drink out of it. But if this is air sac- respiratory. she looks like she is having a hard time getting a breath.
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