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May 3, 2010
With in the the last two days we have lost two of our hens. no signs on them. found them in the coop. the first one was still alive until my husband picked her up and she just quietly passed away the second one last night. a month before that our older rooster passed away inside the coop. husband thinks it is old age. they all were going on their third summer. any ideas???
I hate doing this to people, don't be mad at me. The information you gave is nothing to go on. I've had chickens a long time now, and I can only say no, it was not old age. Chickens can live much longer than 3 years. I had a 14 year old who still laid every other day.

Try to answer the questions in the link as thoroughly as possible, it will help us help you. You'll need to do a very careful exam of ALL your chickens, as well as the dead ones, (unless it's too late).

I don't know what is going on but this afternoon we came home and had another one dead in the coop and a rooster ding in the run. I'm going to change the beeding in the coop in the morning and clean all the waters tonight. I dont have a clue on what is going on but we are loosing them right and left
I hope you find out what is happening to your flock, and I'm very sorry you have lost so many already.

I work with humans, not chickens, but you can't find out what's wrong without more information - and the questions on the link ranchhand posted seem like a great place to start.

Good luck.
There are a lot of diseases that can strike without warning - especially if the birds are under stress like being in the cold. Fowl Cholera is one that comes to mind - birds will die with no apparent symptoms. I'm not saying that's what is happening - but I do remember reading about it. I don't think it's very common. The other thing that stands out is poisioning. Botchulism - it can kill quickly depending on the strain of bacteria - from either moldy or rotted food/material. Have they been fed really old leftovers or gotten into a compost ?

Hope you find out what's happening with them so you don't loose more.

Mites or lice could also have weakened them making them more susceptible to the cold or illness.

Just tossing a few ideas out there -

try filling this in .... it will help people help you better ...
You need to do something quick or there is a very real possiblity you'll lose more. Please take ranchhand's advice and try to answer the quesetions on the link provided. As ranchhand said, "It will help us help you"!
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