What's in the food ?

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    Should something that is used to make yoga mats be used in our food ?
    azodicarbonamide (ADA) is used to make bread and yoga mats.

    Should something used in grease fire extinguishers and as a pesticide be used in our food ?
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    sorry, I just get an image of some poor skinny woman breaking down and nibbling on her yoga mat...[​IMG]
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    It really depends on the component, I think. I think a lot of people jump to the conclusion that something is dangerous because it is used in non-edible things without really knowing the chemistry of the component. ADA is an oxidizing agent and has been linked to some asthma if inhaled, but from it's chemical properties, this doesn't surprise me. The product of the oxidization reaction with flour produces urea, which is generally found in animal urine.

    So, do I want it in my food? I would prefer my food be natural. Can I afford to buy only local, organic (I mean real organic, not the "organic" stuff that is marketed as so but really is not that good for you) foods? No. Are all of these things necessarily dangerous? Probably not.
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