What's my chicken saying?


Aug 17, 2016
Hello everyone :)
About two months ago we lost three of our flock to a raccoon. Leaving us with only one surviving hen. After updating our coop and run we decided to get more chicks to help her from being lonely. We decided to slowly introduce the chicks to our hen by putting them in a old, small dog kennel so they were safe if anything went south. After our hen walked around the kennel a few times she started making a loud noise, and a high pitch "bawk." we thought maybe we should take the chicks back inside and once we did that she only got louder. So we brought them back out for a minute which after doing that our hen calmed down a bit but was still making the "bawk" noise. She's never made this noise before so I tried to find something online to help me figure out what the noise could mean, but to no success. So, I'm hoping someone on here could help us out! Thanks :)


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Jul 16, 2015
She is probably both excited for company, and a bit alarmed at finding them at the same time. When my hens make a consistent bawk bawk sound they are generally talking to me, I don't know what they are saying but it always seems directed at me, so I talk back.


Sep 2, 2014
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Did you ever tried ITranslate app??

Hah! kidding aside
, 2X oldenhen, they're both excited and alarmed that there's new competition w/ food & water. When I first did an integration, for a week couple of my hens were bawking louder than usual and jumping from one roost to another alarmed that there's some kind of intruder. There was egg production drop for few days too, then they were back to normal after a week.
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