What's the best way to mark eggs?


8 Years
May 23, 2011
I have 4 different breeds going into the incubator this week. Wanted to know what was the best way to mark them. Are markers/sharpies okay? I'm just thinking a different colored dot for each egg. Or is it best to just use pencil?
If it were me I would use a pencil, and I will tell you why. I recently bought two 1588 GQF's to replace the old ones. In order to see how much water is in the bottom compartment I use a little green food coloring in the water. I put it in by inserting a straw thru the vent hole and using a ketchup dispenser to squirt the colored water down inside. It got away from me one day and the green water spilled on two of the eggs. I had two Creame Bra's hatch with green feathers.

I am convinced now more than ever that light markings with a pencil is better. That eggs is porous and anything you put on the outside gets inside. Sharpies are great but some, like the ones out of China ARE toxic NO matter what the package says. Enjoy your hatch..Now comes the fun part!!!
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Green feathers? Did they stay that way, or did the color fade back to normal?
I use sharpies with no problems.

@CatDaddyAlbert : Are you sure the chicks didn't dip themselves into the water somehow? I don't think its possible for the chicks to be green just because you spilt a little green water on them.
I use a pencil and mark the date and pen they came from on the side of the shell. I also put the pen i.d. on the bottom so if they break the shell too much on the sides I can still tell what pen they came from
Hi! Sharpie Permanent Markers are safe and effective for marking 'eggs for hatching'.
As an experiment, I've marked the whole shell with markers and set/hatched eggs and never had and bleed-through to even the inside of the shell, let alone through the membranes.
Good luck with your hatch!


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