What's the chances.....


8 Years
May 23, 2011
So after the other day of freaking out because one of the kids turn the temp on the bator down. The power goes out yesterday for 3 hours....Wow was I upset again
Luckily my dad doesn't live to far away, so I transfered them to a carton took the incubator and ran them to his house. Earlier that day(which was day 5) I had candled two and could see that they were growing in there. I was so excited, and then for the power to go out 5 hours later. I sure hope that they will still be okay, I will candle them again later today.
Chicks are resilent! Leave them alone for at least a week so that if there is growth, you'll have no doubt. Candling every few days doesn't give enough time for development to be obvious..... imo.

Good luck!
I should still be turning though right? I also am wondering about the humidity, I have been looking here on this site trying to figure it all out, What should it be at right now for eggs on day 2 and 6? and then during lockdown?

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