What's the difference between a mutt and a new breed, ie. oegbgs?

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May 4, 2012
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I have what some say is a old english game bantham gold laced with a single come. And, I am having difficulty understanding the definitions of crosses, mutts, true to breed, true breed, line crossing, and new breeds. I guess because I believe that every breed came from a cross of at least two different breeds. Is there a book I can get?
I was told that this oegb gs is a new breed but not show quality. So, is he a mix with oegb and a gs?
Well, I am not interested in showing because I have enough on my plate. But, how can you tell show quality on a new breed? And, really what is a new breed or any breed? Is that a set of rules on each breed? Couldn't any mutt be a new breed? Just trying to understand my chickens better, that's all.


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Mar 5, 2007
I think that if a new breed breeds true meaning if all the off spring look like it over a few generations then it could become a new breed. But I am no expert thats just my understanding.

Maybe someone with more knowledge will be able to explain it better.

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The American Poultry Association has tight rules about accepting new varieties of a breed and accepting new breeds and how this is accomplished.

There is a lot of loose talk about new breeds, shall we say, but only the APA or American Bantam Association can establish or accept a breed. That is the most important thing to remember. Both organizations maintain good websites with information.

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