what's the difference between DE and sevin dust?


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Sep 9, 2010
My chicks & guineas are 4 wks old today and I'm working on the coop to get it ready for their move in the next two weeks. I'm new to the chicken world and I've tried to read as much as I can. What's the different between DE and sevin dust and should I dust my new coop before I move the flock just in case??? Do I dust the flock w DE/sevin dust or do I dust them with something else? How often should I dust? To my knowledge we've never had any sort of bug problems (and least not bad enough to be obvious) on any of our other chickens (my flock will not be put missed with the chickens we have now . . . at least, not on purpose
DE is a natural fossilized shell flour. It kills the bugs by cutting their outer shells like a ton of tiny glass chips and it causes them to dehydrate. Seven dust is a chemical pestiside that kills them by poisoning them
ETA: We usually dust the birds about once a month unless it is around show time and then they get dusted before, during, and after the show. We use Sevin, or Garden and Poultry Dust to dust the birds mostley around their fanny, and DE mixed in the bedding in the coop and in the sand in their run just about every 2 weeks. Go ahead and dust the bedding in coop before they move in... wouldn't hurt. Bugs can be a problem just out of the blue sometimes if you don't use a regular prevention program. Even though you don't have a problem right now, it could happen at any given time for who knows why.
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DE is a good natural preventative Sevendust is good to use if there are already signs of buggies.

I LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVVE DE - I put it in the food, bedding, and I dust them with it.
I use Sevin as a preventative, and I treat the chickens with it if I think they need it. When I am getting an area ready to put a new coop/run in, I dust the entire area with Sevin to prevent any bugs that may be there from infesting the chickens. Then I dust all inside a new coop before putting any chickens in.
You may not think you have any bugs, but wild birds drop stuff in your yard all the time.
I've never had an infestation of lice or mites so my method works.
I'm in the camp that doesn't believe DE is worth the effort to use. But if you want organic eggs or meat, don't use Sevin.

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