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Dec 14, 2007
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I got an aracauna from the farm store today. I looked at some pics on feathersite and it looks more like an americana. can you tell any differencenes when they are so little??
Its my understanding that there are no true Aracaunas in this country, there are only American bred Americaunas. I'm sure there are some private breeders that may have them, but not hatcheries. Its our version of it, very close, but not pure bred so there for can't be called an aracauna.

Speckled Hen, I thought Easter Egger was a euphamism for Americauna???
Well I spell it different every time I type it in...hmmmm..its a good thing its not my job to define the breed
cackel in missiori does that sound right? the tub said aracauns. but i totally believe you guys. what does an easter egger look like? full grown and chick? is an ee and americana the same thing?
I'm getting my chicks in from cackle this week. You can see a pic of it on their website. They have a great catalog.


These are Americaunas as listed in parenthesis. They call them Araucanas, because this is, essentially, their version of Araucana.

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I found a link that explains it all WAY better than I can, in fact I'm gonna read it again after I post it. It has pics and all.

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Thanks for the great websites-I feel reassured that the ameraucana wheaten and blue wheaten eggs that I bought are the real 'ameraucana with a rump' deal!

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