What's the dumbest thing you can confess to doing this week?


8 Years
Jul 1, 2011
I had two.

Last weekend I was out of town, when returning, took my bag upstairs and unpacked most of everything. I'd taken a nice change of business type clothes, and comfortable clothes, the usual jeans, shorts, bathing suit. When I got to the hotel, I foreged through my bag in the trunk of the car when I changed my mind what I was going to wear before unpacking the heavier bag. A pair of underwear fell out of the bag. I didn't notice it for a few days after coming home. Went to a car wash, lifted the trunk lid, spotted them right away so slipped them into my purse. Remembered they were there before paying for the car wash, so was discreet in pulling out needed funds. But darned if I completely forgot about them until going to the grocery store later. Was talking to the cashier and opened my purse, grabbed my wallet and guess what fell to the floor...

Second one: Yesterday morning when I woke, dragged myself to the bathroom to brush my teeth. Remembered I used the last of the toothpaste the night before, but also remembered I had a small tube of toothpaste in my handy travel kit that was still in the bag I didn't put up yet. Toothpaste on brush, two swipes before it hit me: tubed hair conditioner. Takes a long time for that taste to leave one's mouth...yuck...
I messed up on some stupidly easy number line math excercise because I forgot to at the - to the number when I typed it in.

I've done dumber things, but they're too embarrassing to say.
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I accidentally whacked myself quite hard on the back of my head with a SCA Heavy Fighting sword (basically a big wood stick). Don't even ask how I managed to do that. I've still got a lump on my head from it.
Well it wasn't this week but boy did I have a blonde moment on 8/17. A fax was coming in and it was a long one. I walked by the machine a few times and then said "Why is this thing stuck on page 8 of 17??" A few seconds went by "Oh. That is the date".


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