Whats the hold up with the eggs?


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Well about 4 weeks ago my 12 buff ops started laying, i was so proud, and out of those 12 i was getting 8-9 eggs a day. Well the past few days I've only been getting 4-5 eggs and im wondering why. There are 12 nest boxes in thier house and they all 12 choose to use the same corner nest, so that means I have to frequently go out there and get someone off the nest because theres a line of hens waiting to lay. So nothing trumatic has happend, no new birds, they have plenty of feed and water they get to free range after 3pm for 3 reasons, school is out, I got tired off having easter everyday and hunting for eggs in the bushes and they started to want to wonder into the neighbors yard no no! So my only thought could be that my roo is getting to playful and maybe stressing them out, Im serious, everytime i look out there, he's.... well you know, and so maybe I need to do somthing about him. let me hear it! Also could the weather change effect newly laying hens it's only gotten a little chilly in the am and pm should I start looking for a light timer? If I get a light timer what time does it need to come on and what time does it need to go off? Suns up around 7 and down around ol 8ish. Is is too soon for supplement lighting? Thanks in addvance
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Well Only tree eggs today. Out of 12 hens that I've been getting 8-9 eggs everyday have nearly stoped laying. Do I need to get rid of my roo? Thats the only thing I can hink of. My neighbors are wanting eggs, they understand but I want to know why. Any of you experts know?
I have read other posts on here that say if the hens are molting, that could make the egg production go down.
As far as all wanting the same nest, have you tried putting a 'dummy' egg in the others? A friend uses the plastic easter eggs, and paints them so they look more like a real egg. I have also read some people use golf balls. I have a few hens that absolutely refuse to lay in an empty nest.
I use wooden eggs. works like a charm. Also, are the days getting shorter? More shade coming around?

I imagine they'll slow down once the light starts going away.
The rooster will not cause your hens not to lay.

By you going out and removing hens from the nest (it is normal for hens to lay in the same nest) you are stressing and disrupting their natural behavior.

With pullets just one month into laying, the change in the season and the shortening days, your pullets will lay sporadically for another few months. It may be as long as 3 - 4 months before they begin to lay consistantly.

You cannot force the issue or rush the process. Orpingtons are a heavy breed. It takes them awhile to grow up to full size. They aren't always full grown and filled out until 12 - 18 months. This makes them a bit later to the table to lay consistantly and to lay large eggs.

Give them time. You can't expect a new layer to suddenly start laying and continue to do so every day for here on out. At best you can expect 240 - 265 eggs in a year from a hen. Some may lay more and some may lay less.

Now with that said - You might also want to check some beaks and look for signs of egg eating. You would notice dried yolk on the beaks. If this is the case, an egg eater is hard to break and might need culling. I would also suggest you up the protein they are getting. I feed my chickens gamebird feed and offer oyster shell free choice.

You should also look for signs of a snake in your hen house. Rat snakes as well as other snakes will love to eat your eggs. Once they know where a source of a warm quick meal is they will come back for them.
MissPrissy. Well I am new my chicken hobby and I was told by someone on here that an overactive rooster will stess my hen out and cause them not to lay. Now I do not think they were meaning not laying forever but slow it down. How ever I wasn't sure about the moving them off the nest or not when I have done that one hen would be laying on 4-5 eggs and I would have to move her to get them, no I do not want to dissrupt anything they are doing. Yes there has been fake eggs in there for about 3 weeks now 1 to every nest. No egg eaters and no snakes. Thank you.
I have noted that with the days getting shorter the hens won't lay as well. Expecially after the first day of autumn....It will get progressivly worse until the end of January.

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