What's the latest you have received a shipment and still had live babies?


8 Years
Jan 23, 2012
I ordered from metzer and am expecting 4 geese...they shipped on mon. I'm in nv they are in Cali . I thought there was a good chance they might be here tue. Nope. So then I was like ok weds isnt that bad and that's the normal 2 day wait ok... Well nope again. Went up to reno to see if they were at the distribution center as has happened before with other orders...again nope. Well tracking as them still in Cali :/... I'm hoping they are at least in reno by tomorrow but if not I'm looking at fri maybe?? I did opt for the grow gel but the bad feeling in my gut isnt good
Tracking still has my babies in San Jose! It's thus and they have been there since mon
Metzer farms ships Monday night. I got my ducks on Wed and I'm in TX. Have you given them a call? I'm assuming you paid extra for tracking info, but usually it isn't updated very often even when the birds are moved. I would give them a call today and see what they have to say. Their costumer service is great but I hope they arrive soon safe and sound. Grow gel can keep them alive a few extra day too.
We'll 5:30 am tracking had them in San Jose.. 5:59 it updated saying they had arrived in reno at 1:30 am... 6:15 I ran to my local post office to four happy healthy cheeping goslings! Woohoo all of them are now tucked into my brooder with out a single loss

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