What's the longest time your on BYC?


14 Years
Dec 24, 2008
Ocala, Florida
I intend on only checking on a few posts and the next thing I know it's been an hour (or hours) and I'm still here. Just wondering how many others are the same as me.
i have been known to get lost on here for over 4 hours at a time....
When Dh is out of town working..which is close to 15-20 days out of the month..I'm on here ALOT. I check some stuff a couple times a day but once my 2 kids are asleep its BYC TIME! LOL.....I get burned out on facebook really quickly though. Everyone writes the same old stuff everyday..and I really don't care where someone that I haven't talked to in 3 years is having dinner....
Through the misery of this winter, I lived here. Gritsar, Em, Redhen, M'farmboy, and mrsirkingbirdaholic helped me preserve my sanity. Now that I can go play in the great outdoors I pop in for a bit in the AM or around lunch and then an hour or two at night. I'm not addicted.
Lately, I've been on here almost all day and night. But, I often leave BYC up while I doing other things like writing articles or applying for jobs. I applied for two jobs today, for example, plus took some very long surveys and finished two articles all with BYC up. I would take a break every few minutes and look in here. I'm sorry for stealing BYC's bandwith.

Thing is, I don't even own poultry at this time.

ETA: Every time I think I'm done looking at posts in all my favorite topics, a new one will pop up and I have to go read it.
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