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    Hello! By amazement one of our hens hatched an egg, its been 3 summers now and it finally happened. We got so used to it not happening that we didn't prepare. Do we seperate them from the other chickens? And she is still sitting on eggs, will that take away from her caring for the chick? Any advice would be greatly appreciated [​IMG]
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    We had a similar situation and we separated the chicks (brought them inside under a heat lamp) just because the other chickens were getting a bit aggressive and we didnt want the babies to get pecked. Also, i dont know if this happens but I was also worried about her getting squashed by the other eggs under mama hen. Do you know if the other eggs are fertile or how long she has been sitting on them? It would probably be good to make sure she hatches at least one more just because chicks hate to be alone! Also, you need to make sure you keep track of how long the eggs have been under her because if the other chickens keep laying eggs under her she will be broody for a looong time which isnt very fair to her and not too good for her health, trying to hatch chickies is exhausting! [​IMG]
    Hope that helps a little!!

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