What's the varmit??

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9 Years
May 7, 2010
north east oklahoma
Something, I am thinking a snake killed two baby chicks in a pen with their mother. Here's what I found 1 body and the head of the other a snake would have swallowed the chick head and all. Right?

So was it a rat? Anyone else have this happen if so will it come back for the other one it killed?
I think it sounds like a weasel cause rats drag the birds into their holes and snakes swallow then whole a weasel just kills for fun so check the neck of the body and if it is slit its probably a weasel. Good luck and hope you dont ose anymore!
hmmmmmmmmm, not a snake, something ate it quickly on the spot, so maybe a coyote, you said a pen, but really don't know what that means, could have been practically anything but a snake

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